Fulfill A Wish

Why Local Chapters ?

Our Local Chapters are your closest avenues to experience joy.

Fulfill A Wish started as a micro campaign, originating from one city, however, its acceptability at a national level, made us to explore the possibilites on a broad scale. With sincere intentions of encouraging children and simultaneously be an outlet for privileged people to explore the benefits of giving, we are making Fulfill A Wish accessible to people in all corners of the country through our Local Chapters. Our Local Chapters takes Fulfill A Wish closer to you- the wish grantor and the children and make the whole experience more engaging and fruitful. These Local Chapters are the repository of wishes of the children nearest to you, whom you can meet to know better, fulfill their wishes and witness their face light up with joy.

Why Local Chapters?

Fulfill A Wish has always emphasized and encourages the donors to meet the children, when they Fulfill A Wish. Our objective is to make people experience joy through the act of giving and encourage children with little happiness they deserve. Giving is indeed a greater act that pleases everyone however, witnessing receipent's joy adds value to the experience. We want our wish grantors to experience the smile on children faces when the wishes are fulfilled. The idea of Local Chapters was created to allow people find children nearest to them, whom they could meet to fulfill their wishes and witness the joy through their own eyes.

Our Local Chapters are also a way through which we strive to recognize wishes from different quarters and corners on India and thus create reason and medium for everyone around to discover and experience joy.