Fulfill A Wish

Know About Us

Who we are?

"Fulfill A Wish" is a project by HELP TRUST, a renowned non-profit which believes that education should come freely, irrespective of the class a child belongs to. HELP TRUST has established evening schools in Tamil Nadu and Mumbai to ensure that kids from weaker sections of the society get quality education. The primary motto of HELP evening schools is to bring these children into mainstream by providing them employment oriented skills and make them stand on their own. You can know more about HELP Trust by visiting our website.

What we do?

We are all acquainted with the happiness felt after receiving a gift, but ask about the joy felt by those who give the gift to see the recipient smile. The contentment is invaluable. While there’s no end to human desires, there are many children in our surroundings who are deprived of little pleasures which eventually become their wish.

Children who work during the day, following it up with attendance in schools set up by Samaritans get their rightful education. With little or no hope of getting anything above the basic necessities, even smaller things become wishes for these children. Their wishes for few material things, associated with childhood remain unattended due to financial constraint of their families. We collect wishes of such children and get those conveyed to the world through all means possible, for everyone to attain the joy of giving by fulfilling these wishes. The children experience the happiness deserved in return which goes a long way in boosting their confidence.

How do we function?

Our members in various cities across India are always on the lookout for schools and organizations that impart education among those children with minimum or restricted access to resources. Our on-field coordinators become voices of their silent wishes. Our teams reach out to audiences in various platforms to convey these wishes and seek to get them fulfilled. To make the process simplest as possible we have made ourselves available through various modes of communication, viz. email, telephone and even social media. Anyone who wishes to experience the joy of giving and in turn lend a smile to innocent children can approach us via any suitable medium.

All the collected and fulfilled wishes are made public on our websites. Our process can be detailed in these simple steps:

  1. Go through the profiles of the children whose wishes are enlisted with us
  2. Select the wish(es) you want to fulfill
  3. Submit your email address and let us know your contact details
  4. Our on-field coordinators will contact and help you meet the children and fulfill their wish.

We encourage the wish grantors to meet the child personally (accompanied by our volunteers) while handing out the gifts and share their experience with us. In cases when the donors cannot accommodate a visit to the children in their schedules, our volunteers get the gifts through to the children themselves and capture the moment of joy in pictures which is shared with the donors and on social media websites.