Fulfill A Wish

Submit A Wish

We want wishes of children, from all corners of the country to be fulfilled and need your help for that. You can be the voice of the children from any school, community or organization in your area, with economic background forcing them to curb their wishes. Collect their wishes and share those with us. Our Submit A Wish function, empowers you to spread happiness among the children in your surrounding and allowing wish grantors experience the joy of giving.

We want children to benefit from the wishes fulfilled. Here's what we consider as wishes:

  • Wishes may be material things related to a child's education. Ex- books, stationery, study kits, etc.
  • Wishes may be for things, which encourage the child to take up constructive activities and hobbies, such as reading, painting, sports, etc.
  • Wishes may be items of basic needs for the child; such as clothes, shoes, etc.
  • The wish may be for things which influence the child's psyche positively.
  • Distinct, personal need of a child can be considered as wishes, however, only in special cases

Who Can Submit A Wish

You can be a teacher, social worker , individual or an activist associated with the particular school or organization. In case, you are not associated with any organization or school, write to us at info@ifulfillawish.org and we will let you know about how you can use your efforts to bring happiness in lives of those children.