Fulfill A Wish

our mission

"Fulfill A Wish" is an outlet to ensure happiness for yourself and others as well.

It’s an acknowledged fact that giving, brings joy unparallel to any other and what’s better, when your act fulfills wishes of children and instills optimism in them. In ways more than one, human life is spent in the pursuit of happiness. "Fulfill A Wish" makes the pursuit effortless. We bring to light wishes of children whose family cannot cater to those due to financial restrictions. Every wish fulfilled is a gleam of happiness, encouragement and hope for a child.

"Fulfill A Wish" was initiated to make giving simpler and make attainment of the joy through giving accessible to all. Our main objective is spreading joy and in the process explore the benefits of giving. The children receive joy after their wish is fulfilled and everyone else gains happiness by fulfilling the wishes. Happiness is universal and can be achieved by various ways, of which giving is most extraordinary. Not only the giver feels satisfied; the receiver gains utmost happiness and most importantly feels cared about. As someone rightly phrased-

“We live by what we get but make a life by giving.”

Giving makes life delightful, not only for the person who receives but the one who gives as well.

Realizing the benefit of giving is the biggest objective that we serve, though bringing smiles on the faces of children throughout is our mission. Through "Fulfill A Wish" we bring to light, the wishes of children whose family don’t have the luxury of catering to their wishes.

We can all relate to the happiness felt as a kid when our wishes were answered. More than the contentment of receiving things it was the assurance of being cared for. Let us not allow financial drawback of the parents put a restriction on the prospering minds of children. HELP Trust through its various programs works to get quality education to underprivileged kids. Through Fulfill A Wish"", we aim to encourage them towards a brighter future. With every wish fulfilled, the child develops a positive outlook towards life and the wish grantor is instilled with utmost content achieved through the act of giving.