Fulfill A Wish


Second Evening School at Perungudi, Tamil Nadu
Evening School Perungudi It is with great pleasure, that we announce the opening of the second Evening School in Perungudi in Radhapuram Taulk, Tamil Nadu. The school is fully functional, equipped with dedicated space for learning and classroom infrastructure. More learning materials, teachings aids, computers etc., will be added to this in the future. Classes began with an initial batch of 7 children, which has now increased to 31, mostly from families of daily wage earners, from the village. We are in the process of evaluating and welcoming more children to the school.
Ms Tilaka, who is based in Perungudi , has been appointed as the teacher for the Evening School. She is an active member of the community, and with a lot of experience teaching here, and is now fully committed to making the Perungudi Evening School a success. The Evening School is an initiative from the HELP Trust, to make education easily accessible to all children, regardless of their background and financial status. The first Evening School was setup in Koliyankulam , Tamnilnadu, in 2004, and has since provided education to more than 120 children.
Bangalore Chapter Pens Down Success Story
Bangalore Chapter of Fulfill A Wish became operational in June, 2013. We have two members supporting our cause and currently we have already spoken to around 20 children and have collected wishes of around 7 children. The children, we interacted with, are mostly from very poor background - they go to work during the morning, study and then again help their parents in their work. So we wanted to understand how serious a child is about his/her future. Whether a wish's just a dream for them or they consider a fulfilled wish as a bridge to dream concretely about their goals. So, we wanted children to access their dream and understand how their wishes can add value to their lives and write a brief about it. This whole exercise has not only made them to think on how to dream about effective wishes. Out of 7 wishes we have already fulfilled 5 and 2 more are in the offing. We hope as we fulfill wishes of children from a particular class, this will encourage other children to think about their goals seriously and overall we want children to continue dreaming big.
Delhi Chapter Sets Off
In July, Fulfill A Wish unfurled it’s wings in the capital city of India. The city houses the offices of Supremes of the nation and is home to immigrants from other states; chasing their dreams of a better life but lurking within the bondages of labor. Many organizations address the concerns of these immigrants, highlighting the way for a better future. One among such organizations is Prayas. Delhi Chapter lead by Shikhar Jha along with team member Neha collected wishes of children at Prayas School. So far, wishes of 38 students from Prayas School have been projected to be answered through Fulfill A Wish. Children in the school, come from diverse communities but share the same economic background, where small joys are seen as a dream.
Wish Fulfillment Spree in Kolkata
Fulfill A Wish, in a first of its kind attempt gets wishes of 27 children in Kolkata, fulfilled in a day. The children, whose wishes had been registered and duly fulfilled, hail from an area named Jyoti Nagar Colony, near Cossiepur Gun & Shell factory. A vast majority of the dwellers in the area are employed in scrap recycling; searching means of livelihood in things disregarded by privileged class. Children in the area, study in government schools but many of them have dropped out due to financial cringe and serve as child laborers to assist their families. An organization, named Earthcare has shouldered the cause to provide education to these children, when their work renders them free. We met the children through Earthcare. We found the children to be quite active in sports; no wonder that maximum wishes were for cricket sets. The wishes were fulfilled by a few individual donors and donations from Our World, Our Initiative; a brainchild of Ms. Sufia Khatoon, a changemaker who has taken up may issues including children education. Other wish grantors were Ms. Chitralekha Banerjee, Mr. Vikash Agarwal, Mr. Amit Agarwal and Ms. Priti Shaw. We thank the wish grantors for the time and effort taken to fulfill these wishes.
Ten Wishes Answered, Counting On More
Fulfill A Wish, the campaign launched by Give To India as a mark to inspire giving and strengthen foundations of young minds has set the wheels rolling by answering wishes of ten children from Mumbai. The wishes were fulfilled by three donors: Jegan T. and Raisa Khan from Mumbai and Anju John Kopla from Kerala. Jegan and Raisa met the children to handover the gifts they wished for. Though Anju could not come all the way from Kerala to Mumbai, she mailed her gifts for the children, after going through their profiles on the website, to our on-field coordinator Jayshree Belwade. Jayshree’s efforts have been commendable throughout the process. She accompanied Jegan and Raisa during their visit and assured that gifts from Anju reach the children. Simplified and multiple channels of communication aided with active on-field coordinators makes the entire process of answering wishes effortless. With a multitude and organizations joining hands with Give To India and transparent structure of Fulfill A Wish we are assured that more wishes will be fulfilled in time to come.